Nashville, Indiana’s #1 Fun Family Attraction…what are your chances of finding great gems & minerals? 100% guarantee! Pan for Gems, Fossils and Arrowheads | Fun and Educational for all ages

We buy our mining rough from a gentleman that has contracts with twelve different mines. By mixing the mining rough from all of the mines, he is able to offer a wonderful “mix” of gems and minerals that are plentiful in every bag we sell…guaranteed!

Our water sluice mine is free for you to use to search thought your purchased mining rough bags. The Copperhead Creek Gem Mine sits on the southwest corner of the Iris Garden Cottages & Suites complex. We are located just north of the Brown County Courthouse in the heart of the Village of Nashville Indiana in beautiful Brown County.

Regular Gem & Mineral Mix - $8.88
Large Gem & Mineral - $12.62
Emerald Enriched Gem Mix - $14.95
Fossil Collection - $12.62
Mother Lode (Everything all in one big bag) - $29.00


Iris Garden Downtown Cottages & Suites

Matt and Amy Gray, proprietors
79 North Van Buren Street · Nashville, Indiana · 812.988.2422 ·